Blue-Green, high-cut with gray midsole, blue green lace, and black lining. Hiking footwear.

Choosing your hiking footwear 🥾

Finding a good pair of hiking footwear that works with your feet can be difficult! If you’re new to the game, trust us when we say it’s worth it to invest a little bit of money in a good pair of hiking footwear. These come in different types. Some are made specifically for hiking and others are made for a mix between running and hiking. In this article, we will explain the differences so you know what to look for when you’re buying one.


Circle of friends wearing their hiking footwear. Ready to explore outdoor activities.


Hiking shoes

These looks like your regular runners but with grippier soles and a more stable feel. A lower cut (as opposed to the boots) allows for more agility but offer no ankle support. They’re sometimes labelled as “trail running”. If you’re not a hardcore hiker, these maybe a good option as you can get away with wearing them out and about around town as well. Merrell and Salomon have some really good designs for hiking shoes that look outdoorsy but stylish enough to wear everyday.


Black hiking footwear, low-cut with black midsole, lace & lining.


Hiking boots

These tend to look bulkier because of the higher cut. They aren’t as sporty as the shoes but they provide ankle support and give you more stability especially when you’re carrying a heavy load. These are made specifically for hiking and can be quite uncomfortable to wear day-to-day as you can’t move around as quickly with the higher boot cut.


Faded brown, high-cut boots with white midsole, checkered shoe-lace, and black lining. Best for hiking.


Trying them on

It’s all about the feel. The good ones should feel stable yet lightweight and supportive. if you have narrow heels, look for more support in the sole as this helps you last longer on your walks. Make sure that the toe box is wide enough and always wear your hiking socks when you try them on. This goes without saying that waterproof material is a must.

We hope this article makes it a little bit easier for you to choose your new kicks! Let us know what you’ve decided on and show us your new hiking footwear in action on Instagram @offmain.offroad


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