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At Offmain, we believe that 4WDing and outdoor adventure is for everyone, and getting started should be easy. Founded by a team of female 4WDers and a rookie hiking adventurer, Offmain is a positive and inclusive community for people of all experience levels, from those researching Vehicles, Camping and adventure options - all you need is the love to explore.

Safe and fun off-road adventures are the core of what we do: free resources and content, trips recommendations and training are just the beginning of the long list of what we offer. Join our Facebook community to find member-only benefits, connect with like-minded people, exchange tips, get advice, and most importantly, have fun!

Community will always come first. We ensure that any brand associations align with the interests of our members and all products recommended, tips and guides published on our online channels are tried and tested by us.

Our vision since day one is to become THE community that gives people in 4WDing and Adventuring space real support and the confidence to explore. We’re currently building our network across all states in Australia and planning for NZ, UK and the US next. Watch this space for exciting updates.

Our team


Bio & experience

I spent plenty of weekends as a kid in the back of a shorty 40series Landcruiser that Dad had fitted rear seats into. From about 14, I was driving an 80 series Landcruiser on private property and at 16 helped Dad setup the 1st Cliff Hanger winch challenge. I loved camping and as I got older I wanted to get out there myself. I have had my own 4wd since my early 20’s and love getting away from the hustle of urban life to the tranquility of the bush.

I am lucky enough to have turned my passion into my career and get a thrill from introducing and teaching others, seems the more I share the more I learn.



Bio and Experience

My love for the outdoors started on the famous Murray River. At the age of 7, most weekends you'd find me in a tinny full of yabbies crawling around a tipped bucket. I spent a large part of my youth on my grandfather's property learning to steer, build fires and how to make the perfect drop toilet. Fast forward to a keen 17 year old Demi in my first 4x4, a red 2 door Vitara.

Until recently, I was living on the Central Coast NSW, with all access to great tracks such as the Watagans. This is where my love for four wheel driving and the outdoors really kickstarted. These days you'll find me in a Toyota 80 series Landcruiser down in beautiful Victoria.



Bio and Experience

I love getting out and exploring on foot. Hiking is one of my favourite outdoor things to do. My love for exploration has been growing very quickly in recent years with the realization of how incredible nature is. The more I explore, the more I want to. It’s an endless cycle of curiosity, starting with a trip to New Zealand a few years ago. I hiked up some very amazing rock formations to get a view of the Glacier up close and trekked through the dense forest of prehistoric ferns. Since then I’ve done an overnight hike in the mountains of Thailand, slept in the mod-con-free village and bathed under the waterfall. I am looking forward to showing you to the beauty this world has to offer through what we do here at Offmain!


Feel free to reach out to us at hello@offmain.com.au. We’re always up for a chat about the outdoors and potential collaborations. Have a browse through our articles and how-to's. Perhaps suggest a topic you’d like to know more about? We’d love to hear your feedback! If you like what we’re doing, please tell your friends about us. Connect with us on Instagram at @offmain.offroad Join our FB community to keep up with out adventures.