Toilet paper roll on the tree, an important item for an outdoor lifestyle.

How to do “business” in the bush 💩

Let’s talk business.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of real life into the outdoors also means we’re often far away from human civilisation such as the modern toilet that we usually take for granted at home. True, some of the campsites in Australia have toilet facilities available. If you’re lucky, it’s a flush toilet with toilet paper, just like home! But more often than not, it’s a pit toilet with BYO toilet paper. Most bush campsites, though, don’t come with any form of toilets… so what do you do? In this article, Offmain will teach you how to sh*t in the bush the easy and environmentally responsible way. Here’s how:

1. Prepare the essentials

Once you feel the urge… quickly grab these:

  • a bottle of hand sanitiser (or anti-bacterial wet wipes)
  • a trowel / shovel or a rock (for digging)
  • a roll of toilet paper (alternatively, leaves will do)

2. Pick a spot

When you need to go, you need to go. We get it. However, if it’s not that urgent, take notice of your surroundings. You should pick a spot that is tucked away from the campsite and any trails so to avoid embarrassment if someone stumbles upon you while you’re at it. Equally important is to ensure that you’re not near water sources as you might contaminate them with your poop.

3. Do your business

Once you have the location, dig a hole of approximately the size of a big salad bowl using a trowel / shovel, a stone or your feet. Start doing your business. Once you finished, throw in the used toilet paper or leaves into the hole with your poop and fill in the hole as tight as you can to save an unlucky camper from falling into the poop hole. Clean your hands with the hand sanitiser or wet wipes. (This goes without saying that these wet wipes aren’t biodegradable so they should not be buried with your poop and should be packed away with you and disposed responsibly at a dedicated facility).


Bonus: wet wipes are one of our favourite items to pack for camping. See how we use them for our hygiene hacks.


Doing business in the bush isn’t that gross (right?) It’s all about the mindset. Just bring the essentials and you’re good to “go”. If you’re grossed out by the idea and would only camp in campsites with toilets, we can tell you that you’re going to miss out on a lot of outdoor fun. Enjoy exploring and remember to poop responsibly!


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